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Eco-Friendly Home Renovations

By |2019-08-09T13:08:31+01:00July 12th, 2019|Domestic|

There is nothing worse than living in a home that you don’t feel matches your style. Home renovations can be necessary to make sure you feel happy and comfortable in your own space, though some aspects of renovating your home can be detrimental for the environment. If you are planning on renovating your home, why [...]

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Can I Have Hardwood Floors and Pets?

By |2019-06-20T14:56:22+01:00June 10th, 2019|Domestic|

Hardwood Floors and Pets: Protecting Floors From Furry Friends Having hardwood floors and pets can sometimes lead to challenges, but this is true with all types of flooring, you just need to know how to manage things properly. Lets face it, every home is lived in, so no flooring is going to stay showroom perfect, [...]

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Tips on Home Decoration

By |2019-05-17T09:48:03+01:00May 15th, 2019|Domestic|

How to Decorate Your Home It’s time - you’ve noticed your home doesn’t quite feel like you, and you’ve decided to take on the task of decorating your home. Nothing makes you feel more comfortable than being able to retire from a long day to an environment that leaves you feeling happy and content. This [...]

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What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

By |2019-05-15T09:01:50+01:00April 10th, 2019|Commercial, Domestic|

Engineered wood flooring is a type of flooring that is made up of multiple layers. The hardwood flooring is constructed by a top layer made from hardwood veneer, which can typically be made from any species of wood. Underneath this is the inner layers, which can be made from hardwood, plywood, or fibreboard to create [...]

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Top Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

By |2019-05-15T09:00:49+01:00March 8th, 2019|Commercial, Domestic|

March is officially here, which means spring is finally on its way! Say goodbye to the cold, winter mornings of scraping ice off of your car, and hello to the beautiful blooming flowers. Along with spring comes early sunshine, singing birds, and longer days, all of the things that just add a little extra jump [...]

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What is the Best Wood Floor Colour for You?

By |2019-05-15T08:59:46+01:00February 12th, 2019|Commercial, Domestic, Services|

Choosing the perfect wood floor colour for your home or business can be a tricky decision. With so many options out there, how are you supposed to know what’s best? It is important to remember wood flooring should compliment your room and the style you are going for, acting as its own centrepiece as well [...]

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What are the Benefits of Wood Flooring?

By |2019-05-15T08:58:33+01:00January 31st, 2019|Commercial, Domestic, Services|

When it comes to interior design there are many aspects that need to be considered. Not only do you need to make sure you’re going to love the way something looks, but also that is completely practical for your home. There are many benefits of wood flooring that make it the perfect choice for almost [...]

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Floor Maintenance: Caring for Hardwood Flooring

By |2019-05-15T08:57:27+01:00December 19th, 2018|Commercial, Domestic, Services|

Hardwood flooring is a stunning addition to any room. Nothing warms up an area quite like the rich feel of wooden flooring. Not only is it classically beautiful, but when maintained correctly it can last a lifetime. Hardwood flooring requires little floor maintenance, though it is important to keep up with it to prevent any [...]

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