//Eco-Friendly Home Renovations

Eco-Friendly Home Renovations

eco-friendly home renovations

There is nothing worse than living in a home that you don’t feel matches your style. Home renovations can be necessary to make sure you feel happy and comfortable in your own space, though some aspects of renovating your home can be detrimental for the environment. If you are planning on renovating your home, why not take the time to plan an eco-friendly home renovation? 

Although you may think at first that this would be a difficult task, there are plenty of ways to make good choices while renovating your home. By partaking in eco-friendly home renovations you can get the look you desire without the guilt of potential damage to the environment. Keep reading for just some of the ways you can sustainability renovate your home.

Renovate Your Home Without Harming the Planet

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a great addition to your home when you are looking to be eco-friendly. Low carbon, renewable, natural and beautiful, hardwood flooring gives you the opportunity to have a sustainable floor that will last longer than your lifetime. Wood is the only truly renewable material, taking very little work and treatment to fully transform it from its natural state to stunning floor boards. At Quicksand Flooring all of our boards come from certified FSC sources, so you can be confident in knowing that our wood is never from any protected habitats. 

Unlike carpet and laminate that you will need to replace at some point during your lifetime, hardwood flooring is long-lasting and sufficient. When it starts to look old you can just opt to have your hardwood flooring restored, which we also do in an environmentally friendly fashion. Most of the treatments we use are composed of natural waxes, dyes and oils to ensure there are no harmful fumes let off into the environment. These are created from natural oils and waxes, meaning that they are low emission products. Wood also absorbs and locks away carbon from the environment, just one of the many eco-friendly benefits of hardwood flooring.

Repaint and Reuse

It is so easy to revamp something by simply changing the colour of the item. For example, If you have a perfectly good cabinet but you just don’t feel the colour suits your new interior design, you can simply sand and paint over the current colour. This reduces any waste made by throwing away old furniture, as well as keeping your carbon footprint smaller as there is no creation of new furniture or the travel fumes that would be used during transportation.

To be extra kind to the environment, use environmentally friendly paint. Natural paint is a paint that has been specially designed to have lower levels of volatile organic chemicals, meaning that your air quality will not be reduced.

Recycled Furniture 

When your furniture is old, or you just don’t have enough of it and are on the lookout for more, head to some antique stores. There are plenty of items in fantastic condition that will suit your style great while having some history behind it. If on the rare occasion you can’t find anything, look for a company that use completely recycled materials to create their furniture. This way you are getting the benefits of newly made furniture without any of the guilt that comes along with it!

Eco-Friendly Home Renovations from Quicksand Flooring

Whenever you next decide to renovate your home, try and opt for some eco-friendly alternatives. Hardwood flooring offers a fantastic way to have gorgeous flooring for years to come without having to throw out old flooring frequently and grow your carbon foot through delivery and installation. If you are interested in either installation or restoration, then get in touch with us today. 

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