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Ecological Flooring

One of the most environmentally friendly things you can do is reuse what you already have rather than buy new material. Disposing of rubbish requires lots of carbon creating transport and takes up space in land fill. Buying a carpet or laminate to cover an old floor requires yet more transport and in its production; mining or farming to collect raw material and then more energy and pollution to manufacture a finished product. How much better for the environment would it be not to waste a wooden floor in the first place. Let us come to you and clean, sand and oil your floor to reveal a stunningly beautiful surface.

New Floor Boards

If you don’t have a wooden floor already then choosing to have one of our high-quality hardwood floors fitted is still an environmentally sound choice. Wood is the only truly renewable building material and it takes very little processing or treatment to transform it from its’ natural state to floor boards. In addition wood actually absorbs and locks away carbon from the environment. Our boards all come from certified FSC sources so you can rest assured that our wood has not come from protected habitats. Hardwood flooring lasts a very, very long time. You expect to replace carpet, laminate and softwoods within your lifetime but your hardwood floor will outlive you, your children and maybe even your grandkids. It is a sound investment in the environment and your property.

Treatments & Oils

You might think that we use a lot of chemicals in our staining, oiling and finishing treatments. In actual fact most of the treatments we choose to use are composed of natural waxes, dyes and oils. We use products from Osmouk, Junckers, Bona and Blanchon. Osmo Polyx®-Oils and Wood Protectors are developed from natural oils and waxes. Blanchon Original Wood™ products have the European Eco-label. The Bona Naturale range has certification as an EC1 very low emission product. If making environmentally sound choices is important to you then we can help you choose the right wood and treatment combinations to minimise your environmental impact.

Why Wood Is Good

Wood is a natural material with a very low carbon footprint. This videoexplains why wood is such a wonderful eco building material.

  • Carbon Store
  • Renewable
  • No Pollution
  • Long Lasting
  • Recycleable
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