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Floor Maintenance: Caring for Hardwood Flooring

Floor Maintenance

Hardwood flooring is a stunning addition to any room. Nothing warms up an area quite like the rich feel of wooden flooring. Not only is it classically beautiful, but when maintained correctly it can last a lifetime. Hardwood flooring requires little floor maintenance, though it is important to keep up with it to prevent any scratches, damage or staining. Here at Quicksand Flooring we love all things floors, and know our stuff about keeping hardwood flooring in top condition. We’ve put together a guide on floor maintenance, helping you to keep your hardwood flooring looking shiny and new. Keep reading for all you need to know about looking after your floors.

Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors


Cleaning is an essential part of floor maintenance, though it has to be done correctly to ensure no damage is done. There are specific ways you should clean your hardwood flooring to ensure they are kept high-quality and no damage is done. To clean your hardwood floors, it is best to start with a soft-bristled broom or vacuum cleaner with the correct setting. This gets all of the dust and dirt off of the floor, before going in with a more intense clean.

Once the floor is free of dust, go in with a mop and some hardwood floor cleaner. For a DIY take on things, use either diluted lemon juice or diluted white vinegar. When using a mop it is essential to be sure you don’t saturate the floor too much. If you are using a ring mop, be sure to get as much liquid out as possible before applying to the floor. Spray mops are a particularly good choice, allowing you to spray whenever you feel necessary. Use one spray as far as you can, then spray another when all of the previous liquid has been used.

Keep your floor dry

Water is extremely bad for floor maintenance. Hardwood flooring is of a porous nature, which means when it gets wet it will get easily absorbed into the material. Small spills can show signs of staining due to this, which is why it’s important to clean them as soon as the spillage occurs.

When large amounts of water are absorbed into the wood, you may notice it will buckle and warp. Although your flooring may have been sealed and waxed, water can still be absorbed into the wood. While they are designed to add more water-resistance to the floor, there is no way to completely prevent moisture being absorbed.


Although the two go lovely together, furniture can cause damage to your hardwood flooring. The damage commonly occurs when people try to move their furniture around for cleaning or other purposes. The easiest option is to drag your furniture, though this is fatal for your flooring. If your furniture is unprotected underneath, always opt for lifting instead of dragging to avoid further damage.

When considering floor maintenance, it is important to use protection and prevention techniques to stop your furniture from causing scratches or dents into your floor. Anti-scratch felt pads can be attached to the bottom of your furniture to help stop any crucial damage. You can also opt for furniture that comes with appropriate wheels, or choose to have rugs underneath the areas where your furniture is placed.


When hardwood flooring gets old, to keep up floor maintenance you can get it restored. Wood floor restoration can bring life back to your hardwood flooring, revealing the original beauty of the floor. Restoration of your wooden floor reveals the grain and patterns of a floor that had previously looked grey and faded due to age and ware.

There are a range of techniques in floor restoration that tackle a variety of issues. This includes worn and uneven surfaces, loss of colour, and removal of patterns. Floor sanding can be used to remove build up of dirt, grime and varnish that begins to cover the colour and grain of your original floor. This is then protected with a new layer of oil, wax or sealant, making your floor look as good as new. If you’re looking for a change, you can also have your floor stained, changing the colour and overall style of your current hardwood flooring.

Continued maintenance contracts

Quicksand have numerous continued cleaning and maintenance contracts with offices in London, keeping their hardwood floors looking fresh and new. This is particularly important in such high traffic areas. We work for a variety of large establishments such as The National Theatre, Rothschilds bank, Aviva, Bankside Gym, and many others. We always put our clients needs first, so the process normally consists of out of hours/weekend work to ensure their business is not negatively affected. Floors are buffed, cleaned, re-coated and ready for business Monday morning.

Floor Maintenance with Quicksand Flooring

Maintaining your floor is key to keeping costs down and preserving your original flooring. Through cleaning correctly, keeping it dry and ensuring your furniture is not going to damage your floor, you can help keep your floor looking brand new for longer. This will help to reduce how often your floor needs to be restored. When the time comes for floor restoration, Quicksand have got you covered. We offer a variety of floor restoration to make your hardwood flooring look as good as new. Read our other blog post for information on some of the benefits of wood flooring. For all your wooden flooring needs, get in touch with us today.

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