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Floor Restoration Essex

Are the wooden floors in your Essex business or home looking worn and unappealing? Instead of replacing your floor, consider the floor restoration process. Restoring your wooden floors reveals the beauty beneath the wear and tear and is a more economically and environmentally viable option than replacing your hardwood flooring.

As floor restoration Essex specialists, the Quicksand Flooring team are passionate about restoring wood floorboards back to their original beauty. Using the most effective techniques and machinery. We delight in helping our clients discover the stunning floors they have been walking on every day!

Floor Restoration Essex
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Floor Restoration Techniques

Floor restoration can effectively tackle a lot of issues, including uneven flooring, scratches and scuff marks, and loss of colour. Restoration reveals the dirt and old varnish layers that hide the floor’s beautiful patterns beneath. Depending on the age and condition of your flooring, there are various techniques we can use to restore floorboards to their prime:

  • Floor Sanding: we use floor sanders to remove grime, scratches, and old layers of varnish, revealing the colour and grain patterns of the floor beneath.
  • Floor Staining: we have a variety of floor stains to add vibrancy to your wooden floors. Quicksand stocks light to dark oak stains and every shade in-between.
  • Floor Filling: when floorboards have gaps or are uneven, we use the floor filling technique. This involves mixing clean dust from the floor with an oil-based resin, which then fills the gaps. We can also fit transparent strips for gaps above 2-3mm in size. This ensures your newly restored floors last.

Commercial Floor Restoration Essex

Commercial floors can withstand a lot of footfall and natural aging. However, they may start to lose their lustre or become uneven in the process. To keep floors looking appealing and professional, the floor restoration process is truly indispensable. Quicksand Flooring is the ideal choice for the job, as our highly-trained floor restoration professionals have years of experience and we can work around your hours for minimal disruption.

We have worked with a variety of commercial floor restoration Essex clients, including retail shops, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, museums, schools, pubs and bars, nightclubs, sports centres, community centres, and gyms/sports courts.

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