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Floor Sanding South London

Greenwich, Bromley, Lambeth or Croydon; no matter where you are, our floor sanding South London team are happy to help you. Here at Quicksand Flooring we provide you with the highest quality floor restorations in the area, happy to help you with sanding, staining, filling, maintenance, and even creating and fitting a brand new wooden floor. For your home or business, the South London floor sanding team will come to you whenever works best for you. If you’re a business who are open all day, we can come out of hours to avoid disturbing your customers.

Our South London floor sanding team are experts in their field. We can offer you the highest possible quality of floor sanding available by using the latest machinery. To finish and protect your freshly sanded floor we have wax, oil, and seal solutions to coat your floor, showing off the perfect condition as well as preventing damage.

Floor Sanding Wood Floor Restoration Technique

Floor Restoration South London

The Quicksand Flooring team use several floor restoration techniques to insure the beautiful wooden floors of South London last. These include:

Floor Filling

Within the lifetime of wooden flooring, it is natural for it to shrink and expand. This is because of temperature changes including the use of central heating, which is essential in the winter months. Dust can collect in the gaps created by this change in size, making cleaning more difficult as well as causing creaking. The worst outcome of shrinking and expanding is the wood warping and the floor buckling.  The floor filling restoration technique can fix this, with our Quicksand Flooring team using a silver-filler. This is made up of reclaimed floorboards to fill any gaps and is the most efficient as it does not shrink or discolour over time.

Floor Staining

Using oil-based hardwood floor staining allows you to switch things up, changing the colour of your flooring and trying something new without the extortionate cost of an entirely new wooden floor. This is perfect for floors that are starting to look used, with our South London floor sanding team going in first to create a perfect, smooth canvas for the oil staining. This means when your new colour is freshly applied the flooring will look brand new, with no scuffs or scratches in sight.

Floor Maintenance

If you’re a commercial client, we highly recommend having an ongoing wooden floor maintenance contract with us. This means we will return every 12-18 months after your floor is initially restored or fitted, where we will apply a freshen up coat. This means your floor’s lifespan will increase, preventing the need to get your floor re-sanded for a long time. This is especially important for establishments that have a high amount of foot traffic.

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Whether it’s a restoration or brand-new floor, Quicksand Flooring are happy to help. Contact our South London floor restoration team today to begin your journey.

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