//Can I Have Hardwood Floors and Pets?

Can I Have Hardwood Floors and Pets?

Hardwood Floors and Pets

Hardwood Floors and Pets: Protecting Floors From Furry Friends

Having hardwood floors and pets can sometimes lead to challenges, but this is true with all types of flooring, you just need to know how to manage things properly. Let’s face it, every home is lived in, so no flooring is going to stay showroom perfect, but there are a few things you can do to help your flooring keep its fresh and shiny feel for as long as possible. No need to panic if your hardwood flooring does get wear and tear over time, at Quicksand we offer floor restoration to get your floors back to their original condition.

Pets have a special place in our hearts, filling your life with joy, companionship, and furry cuddles. Being a pet owner takes dedication and patients, and one thing that comes along with having a furry friend is some extra home maintenance here and there. Whether it’s muddy paws, shedding fur, or ripped up toys, having a pet can lead to a messy floor. No need to panic! Although floor damage is inevitable to everyone, after all, you are living in the house, there are little ways you can help prevent any damage caused by pets. By sticking to some simple maintenance rules, your hardwood flooring will stay in top condition for longer! Keep reading to find out how to keep your floors spick and span even with little paws running around the place.

Clip Claws

One of the biggest causes for concerns for those who are considering getting hardwood flooring with pets is the potential scratches. Cats and dogs both have sharp nails that have the ability to leave marks on wooden flooring. To prevent any marks, keeping pets’ nails trimmed can help stop the issue from occurring. If you can hear claws against the floor as they walk, it is a good idea to trim them, which can be done either by yourself or a professional dog groomer.

As cats are generally smaller, they cause less of a problem than dogs. If you have a large dog this is much more likely to be an issue as more weight is pressed down into the wood. While both cats and dogs tend to keep their claws short themselves – cats from scratching and dogs from walking – it can sometimes be necessary to shorten them further and prevent these scratches on your flooring. Your floors can also be protected with a non-toxic finish for extra peace of mind.

Mop up spills

With spillages, there is a need for speed. For the most part, as long as accidents are dealt with immediately, your hardwood flooring will stay in top condition. Problems arise when spillages are left and stains have a chance to set in.

Pets that are left to roam about the house are all risk of leaving pee-related puddles which can be disastrous for hardwood flooring. Not only does the moisture cause a problem, but urine contains acid that will decompose the upper layer of the floorboard and leave a dark stain in its place. This can be avoided by mopping up the spillage as soon as possible with warm water and vinegar. Ensure feeding areas have a mat underneath or are in a room without hardwood flooring as all moisture can be detrimental, and make sure muddy paw prints are kept to a minimum.


Give your floors a helping hand with rugs and runners to help protect areas with particularly high traffic. If your dog loves to scamper down the hallway when the doorbell rings, or a cat who runs around one area crazy chasing bugs, consider a rug or runner in that area to help prevent any damage. Runners can also help your furry friends stability when running around the house, stopping them from slipping and causing any injury to themselves.

Hardwood Flooring from Quicksand

Hardwood floors and pets coexist peacefully in millions of homes across the world, so there is no need to choose one or the other. Simply accepting that your flooring may need more maintenance once you have a pet is all it takes, ensuring that spillages are mopped up fast, claws are kept short, and all measures to prevent damage are put into place. No hardwood flooring will feel brand new forever, and this isn’t just because of pets.

If you do find your flooring is getting old and damaged, Quicksand specialises in wood flooring restoration and can get your flooring looking as good as new. We also supply and install hardwood flooring! Get in touch with us today for all your flooring needs and any questions you may have after reading this post.

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