//Modern Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Modern Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

As the nights begin to get colder, you might be among the many people thinking about sprucing up their interiors for the winter months ahead. If you’re planning on refreshing your home, you want to be sure the changes you make are as versatile and contemporary as possible. 

Here at Quicksand Flooring, we know just how important it is to make interior design choices that you’ll continue to love, no matter how your personal style changes. We’ve pulled together our top modern design ideas for you to use as inspiration for your interior refresh below.

Making the most of your wooden floors 

Starting from the ground up is vital when it comes to embracing modern interior design ideas within your home. One of the great things about hardwood flooring is how much of a statement it makes. Whether you want to make the most of your floorboards with limited furniture or use them as an impressive base to show off the rest of your home, choosing floorboards that fit well with your other design choices is a stunning way to complement your home. 

When planning out your modern interior design ideas, you should also consider how long your current choices will need to last, and how much maintenance they’ll need. Fitting your home with hardwood or engineered wood floors allows you to care for your home and refresh your space all at the same time. Hardwood floors are incredibly long-lasting, needing only to undergo staining and sanding services when they fade over the years. This saves you the time-consuming, expensive task of choosing and laying new flooring and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the floors in your home once more. 

Decluttering your space 

We all know how prone family homes are to clutter, whether it’s children’s toys scattered everywhere in sight, shoes and coats piled up by the front door or books and accessories that simply don’t belong anywhere. One of the easiest modern interior design ideas to implement quickly is decluttering your rooms. Cleaner and chaos-free rooms will make your home feel instantly more contemporary, without you having to spend a penny. 

Going through the process of decluttering can also make you more mindful, too. Enjoying clear, open rooms with no mess getting in your way has a positive effect on the way you view your home, and yourself, too. Rather than spending your time tidying up the constant mess, a simple declutter means you can come home and instantly relax. 

Embracing the natural worldmodern interior design ideas

Moving away from industrialised spaces, more recent modern homes take inspiration from the natural world. Big windows that let natural light stream through, earthy, and naturally toned furniture and calming hardwood floors help you make open space a top priority. Sustainable options are now easier to find than ever. Rather than going for interior choices that have to be replaced regularly, instead make stunning eco-friendly designs a priority, that you can enjoy for the months and years to come. 

Adding your finishing touches 

If you can’t spare the budget for a full interior refurbishment right now, there are plenty of modern interior design ideas you can make use of to refresh your home regardless. Once the groundwork of beautiful floors and clean walls are sorted, you’re free to move belongings from room to room, helping things feel refreshed without costing you a single penny. 

You could also try picking up more inexpensive interior items like lampshades, cushion covers, and accessories. Changing up a vase in your kitchen or cushions on your sofa is a simple design decision to make, but can make a world of difference when it comes to enjoying your home. The most effective modern interior design ideas start with great foundations. Quicksand Flooring is here to help you choose and fit your perfect wood floor, as well as offering staining, installation, and restoration services if your floorboards need a refresh. If you’re looking to fit your perfect home, please get in touch with us.

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