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Parquet Flooring Restoration

Installing parquet flooring is a brilliant way to create eye-catching and vibrant wooden floors in your business or home. This timeless and classic method will uplift any room and bring it to life! Furthermore, our expert parquet flooring restoration services ensure that classic timelessness is preserved.

parquet flooring restoration
Parquet Floor Restoration
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Parquet flooring is often referred to as mosaic flooring due to its highly decorative effect. This style involves the laying of wooden shapes that are often uniform geometric rectangles, creating a stunning and mesmerising assortment with a smooth finish. The parquet flooring pattern originated in 17th century France. The wealthy preferred the pattern choice due to artistic quality and the expertise required to successfully use this method.

We offer our customers a choice of wood in a range of colours, lengths and dimensions. We pride ourselves on giving our customers a choice of the most superior matt, satin and aged finishes. If you need assistance with deciding what suits your home or place of business best, our expert team members are always on hand to study your flooring and assist you with recommendations. Herringbone flooring is a classically British pattern, popular due to its simplicity and versatility. We also offer a Chevron collection for those looking for flooring with an extra bit of edge.

Parquet Floor Restoration

Quicksand Flooring provides parquet flooring restoration to those in the London and Essex areas. The job of parquet floor restoration is one that requires a keen, experienced and patient eye due to the diverse patterning of blocks. It is this unique and memorable pattern that makes the parquet method so popular and one that deserves the most proficient hand. Our experts know that long-term fantastic flooring requires diligent and expert maintenance. Often even the most perfectly laid floors require a bit of help to continue looking their best.

We offer parquet flooring restoration services to restore tired and aged floors to the same beauty they once possessed. We use specialist sanding equipment such provided by German company Lägler, a company renowned for their expert and top of the range machinery. Our expert restoration methods always provide our customers with a smooth, sleek and professional finish. We know parquet flooring certainly looks its best when each plank is even, free of scuffs and varnished to perfection.

Our Parquet Flooring Services

Quicksand Flooring can provide:

  • Expert floor filling on uneven floorboards
  • Professional floor sanding with the use of five grades of abrasive belts to prevent damage and provide a smoother finish
  • Floor staining followed by coats of wax, seal or oil – depending on your preference
  • A stunning selection of parquet blocks (herringbone or chevron) in a bespoke range of 28 finishes
  • Expert floor staining to restore colour and depth
  • Complete installation of parquet floors

Parquet Flooring Restoration

Contact us now for a free visit to your home or business and to discuss the best flooring options for you. We are passionate about what we do at Quicksand Flooring. As industry experts, we are always on hand to impart our knowledge to ensure people make the best decisions.

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