//Tips on Home Decoration

Tips on Home Decoration

tips on home decoration

How to Decorate Your Home

It’s time – you’ve noticed your home doesn’t quite feel like you, and you’ve decided to take on the task of decorating your home. Nothing makes you feel more comfortable than being able to retire from a long day to an environment that leaves you feeling happy and content. This is why it’s important to make sure your home is decorated perfectly for you, with some little tricks that ensure your home will always feel just right. At Quicksand Flooring, we have played a part in many renovations, so we know a few tips on home decoration. Whether it’s installing a new floor completely, or renovating an old hardwood flooring, we are always happy to help people who want to change up their space. As we have been involved in so many redecorations, we’ve picked up several tips on home decoration and thought it would be handy to share with you! So if you’re thinking about decorating your home but are a bit stuck in the process, keep reading.

4 Home Decoration Tips

1.Start with the Floor

Now you might say we’re bias, but we think flooring is pretty important. The floor is the foundation of all rooms, giving it the vibe and theme you are going for in your overall design. As a foundation, it is important to choose something that you truly think is going to go with your vision. The good thing about hardwood flooring is it goes with almost everything, and if in the future you decide you want a different colour you can simply get it restained. This is much easier than when you begin to dislike the colour of your carpet, which would need to be completely removed and reinstalled. Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of colours and designs so there is plenty for you to choose from, allowing you to choose the perfect wood flooring to compliment the rest of your design.

2. Keep Walls Light and Neutral

Similarly to the flooring, walls are part of the foundations of your room. When looking for tips on home decoration, many would recommend keeping your walls mostly light and neutral. Of course if you know exactly what colour or pattern you want to incorporate into your design, then one feature wall would work great! For the most part, however, it is best to keep things light and neutral, making the space appear open and large. Neutral walls also gives you the greatest decorating flexibility, giving you the opportunity to easily change up the decoration in your home and be sure the walls will still match.

3. Let There Be Light

Having light coming into your rooms really helps to open your space up. This is an especially handy tips for home decoration of smaller rooms, which can really be made to look larger if everything is kept light to give you the illusion of more space. For your windows, opt for drapes and dressings that are light, while still functional for your room. You don’t want anything too heavy and dark hanging over and blocking out the light. You can also add light by introducing mirrors to your rooms. Mirrors bounce light around the room which makes a space feels brighter. Place your mirror strategically on walls perpendicular to windows rather than directly across from them for the best outcome.

4. Invest in Rugs

Rugs can really add another dimension to your interior design, making it a great addition to any room. In your living room, have all four legs of the sofa and chairs fitted onto the rug. This makes the rug define the seating area, creating another space in the room. Not only does this signify where the communal seating area is, it also helps to protect your hardwood flooring. Having furniture legs on top of a rug instead of directly on the floor really helps to prevent any damage occurring to your flooring.

Our Top Tips on Home Decoration

Decorating your home can be difficult, so you can do with all of the support and advice you can get! Our tips on home decoration can be used alongside of your vision for your own home to assist in making sure you leave your home looking good and yourself feeling great. Using our tips will help to ensure that your home is spacious, light and open, exactly what you need for a happy home. If you need any assistance purchasing, installing or renovating hardwood flooring, then get in touch today! We specialise in all things wood flooring for both homes and businesses, happy to help with your decorating needs.

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