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Preparing For Winter With Simple Home Maintenance

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The days are getting shorter and the nights are drawing in, meaning winter is well and truly on its way. It’s time to say goodbye to the long evenings spent in the garden, and cosy up with mugs of tea by the fire. 

With the cold weather around the corner, it’s important to make sure our houses are prepared to protect us from the elements. There are plenty of simple yet effective ways to look after your home and ensure it is all set for freezing temperatures. 


Home maintenance tips for the coming winter… 


Winter home maintenance should revolve around trapping in warmth and keeping out the cold. If you live in a period home rather than a new-build, the chances are that there will be plenty of opportunities for draughts to creep in. Doors, floorboards, windows, letterboxes, roofs, walls, you name it. These are all culprits when it comes to letting cold air in. Luckily, draught-proofing or insulating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

For a cheaper option, you can buy draught-proofing strips to place around your windows and doors at your local DIY store, for a completely affordable price. Although for a more permanent fix, it’s best to use silicone sealant to prevent cold air from getting through. 

Heat rises, hence a lot of heat tends to be lost through our roofs. To prevent this, invest in some proper wall or loft insulation – you will notice a huge difference in your energy bills. For further advice on saving money in your home, check out our recent blog post. 


home maintenance on hardwood flooring

Floor-filling and restoration

Original wood floors are truly special for adding character and beauty to a home. Despite this though, they do require looking after and factoring into your home maintenance routine. 

Wood floorboards are prone to growing or shrinking in size as the weather changes in temperature. In winter, your floorboards may shrink, leaving a number of gaps for draughts to get in. Quicksand Flooring offers a professional wood floor filling service, using a filler called ‘Sliver’ to get rid of any gaps and allow you to keep a far warmer home. 

As well as blocking out any draughts, paying attention to your floor pre-winter is important to protect the original wood from any damage. Over time, the coating on your floor will wear away, leaving bare patches that are unprotected from any of the dirt, grit, and sludge that winter weather brings. 





Boiler care and service

Most homes and buildings across the UK are heavily dependent on boilers during the colder months. However, after a long period of not being used over summer, they can become temperamental. Once a year, boilers should be booked in for an annual service with a trained engineer, to make sure there are no underlying issues. 

Aside from a service though, throughout the year it’s important to switch a boiler on from time-to-time and flush out any sludge that has built up over time to allow hot air to flow around your system. 


Clear any debris

Throughout the year and especially during autumn, outdoor pipes and drains can become blocked by fallen debris. Leaves, dirt, twigs, and more can all be problematic if they’re left to build up and cause blockages. To keep on top of this, simply check around the outside of your home every now and again to keep your pipes clear. 

If you need further advice on how to take care of your wood floors over winter, or would like to book in for one of our floor restoration services, get in touch today.

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