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Wood Floor Sanding London

Quicksand Flooring is a leading home, commercial and school floors contractor. We are highly experienced with wood floor sanding and our professional services have been used on small and large projects throughout London and Essex. We use success-proven floor sanding restoration methods to give the highest quality finish possible.

Sanding leaves your floor neat and tidy with a smooth, professional finish. Below, you can see some before and after photos of real floor sanding projects in London that exemplify how this process can lift your entire room.

Sanding can: level out worn areas on high traffic or old floors; make old wooden floors look new; remove scratches, scuffs and other imperfections which lead to a dull appearance; remove old layers of varnish, allowing a new durable finish to be applied; bring out the natural patterns and grain in the wood. With so many laminated or wood-effect floors around, you want your real-wood beauty to stand out!

  • Top Quality Machinery
  • Clean and careful teams
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  • Fast and efficent

The Process

We commence by sanding down the existing floor. We use five grades of abrasive belts decreasing in coarseness upon each sand. This wood floor sanding process not only prevents damage to the floor but allows each sand to become finer and therefore smoother. As we are experts in floor sanding, we leave a perfect finish with no scuffs or marks. When this is achieved, we apply the stain (if required), followed by 2 to 3 coats of wax, oil or seal, according to the customer’s preference. This is buffed after each application to ensure no undulations occur on the surface and your floor looks fantastic.

Floor Restoration

Filling is a floor restoration technique used on old floors and floorboards that are uneven, full of gaps and looking past their best. The traditional method is to mass fill a floor, as opposed to spot filling. This process takes the clean dust from the floor and mixes it with an oil-based resin. Once our expert achieves the correct density, we use a flat trowel to fill all the gaps, creating a level and aesthetically-pleasing result.

Most flooring can be filled depending on the age and condition of the floor, including parquet, herringbone, strip and original floorboards. We do, however, recommend that the gaps in the floorboards be no bigger than 2 to 3 mm for this technique, otherwise the filler may fall through over time. If you are worried about floorboard drafts, Quicksand also supply and fit a clear plastic transparent strip. Our experts fit this between floorboards and it is invisible to the eye.

Before and After

Below are some of our case studies of wood floor sanding in London and Essex commercial properties, although Quicksand also offer many home services. In each case, the final result is a beautiful floor with a high quality and professional finish that not only fitted the customers’ specifications, but made them very happy too!

Hawley Arms, Camden

A lot of of pubs and restaurants in London have the same problems that the Hawley Arms had. We started with a pitted, uneven old floor with years of grime coating it. After a thorough and deep sand to remove the stains and reduce the unevenness, we then repaired, filled, sealed and oiled the boards. The finished floor is even and our process has revealed the beauty of the wood grain in the original floor boards. We wanted to maintain a rustic effect as it is in keeping with the pub’s décor and atmosphere and the floor sanding brought this out perfectly.

Pub Floor Before Wood Floor Sanding
Wood Floor After Floor Sanding

National Theatre, London

The National Theatre in London was a great project where, once again, the difference Quicksand’s hard work made can really be seen. The floor was looking distinctly tired and old. It had lost both its colour and the beautiful sleekness that wood floors should always have. The first photo was taken at the beginning of the process and you can see how the sand is beginning to remove the surface grime, revealing a beautiful floor. We applied a high wear oil that will keep the floor looking beautiful for years to come, even when it receives heavy wear.

Sanding the Theatre Floor
Finished Floor

Commercial Wood Flooring Contractors

Quicksand flooring provide a complete commercial floor restoration service for businesses in London, offering installation and repair for all types of wooden flooring. This includes full wood sanding services for high traffic lacquer floors, needed for heavy usage and football. We also work out of hours if required to ensure minimum disruption to your business and income. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a fast and efficient service with a quick turnaround for all our commercial flooring.

We provide commercial wood sanding in London for

  • Retail shop floors
  • Shopping centres
  • Community Centre Floors
  • Village halls
  • School Floors Contractor (School Halls)
  • Sports centre
  • Leisure centres
  • Gymnasiums and Squash Courts
  • Hotels
  • Dance Floors
  • Museums
  • Nightclubs, Public Houses and Bars