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A Guide to Parquet Flooring Patterns

Parquet flooring is known for its unique shaping and elegant appearance, giving your home a luxurious feel that nods to mid-century design. While a herringbone layout has been traditionally used in buildings across Europe over the centuries, natural wood floorboards can be laid in a variety of beautiful parquet flooring patterns, that make for an interior design choice with a lasting impact. 

Why choose parquet flooring? 

Once a classic characteristic within stately homes, parquet flooring is currently enjoying a comeback after regular rise and falls in popularity over the years. 

Thanks to their hardwearing design and stunning appearance, parquet floorboards are now considered a key feature within homes, whether they’re hidden under carpets or in need of professional cleaning to restore them to their original finish. As the trend comes back into fashion, more and more homeowners are discovering the aesthetic and practical benefits of a beautifully laid, carefully maintained parquet floor. Rather than the thicker blocks used for traditional wooden floorboards, parquet flooring is made from thin layers of solid or engineered wood. This allows you to enjoy the durability and warmth of natural hardwood, alongside the beautiful finish of geometric parquet patterns. 

While these long lasting parquet floorboards are the perfect option for busy homeowners and building owners alike, parquet flooring benefits from regular maintenance to ensure its flawless appearance and high-shine finish can be enjoyed for years to come. Enlisting the help of a professional to buff, polish and sand your floorboards will help restore your parquet flooring pattern to its original appearance, no matter how much wear and tear it undergoes. 

Types of parquet flooring patterns 

There are three main forms of parquet flooring that have evolved over the centuries; herringbone, chevron and geometric patterns. While each of these patterns allows you to enjoy the beauty of natural wooden flooring, the variety of wood grains, stains and colourings available gives you the opportunity to choose a pattern that suits your home’s needs and style perfectly. 

Herringboneparquet flooring patterns

One of the most well-recognised parquet flooring patterns, herringbone boards are laid in staggered zigzag shapes. In this style, wood is cut into uniform rectangular shapes, which are then carefully laid side by side to create a repeating pattern. Herringbone patterns were traditionally featured in stately homes, but durable engineered wood and widespread popularity now means that this form of parquet flooring has become a more affordable option for many households. 


parquet flooring patterns

Originating in the Roman era, chevron patterns have been enjoyed by many generations over the centuries, and are often spotted in older houses and stately homes alike. On first appearances, chevron and herringbone parquet flooring patterns appear similar in design. However, they differ in the way they are laid; while herringbone styles are laid in zigzags, chevron boards are laid side by side to appear more even. Cut to the same shape and depth, floorboards are fit tightly to prevent gaps between boards and create an attractively uniform appearance. While more traditional chevron parquet flooring designs make use of similarly stained floorboards to make the space feel bigger, boards can be laid in a variety of grains and stains for a unique, natural feel.

Geometricparquet flooring patterns

A more modern take on parquet flooring, geometric patterns embrace the natural beauty of wooden floorboards, by arranging them in shapes that accentuate their grains, stains or intricate details. Rather than the more traditional rectangular wooden floorboards used for chevron and herringbone patterns, geometric boards are cut into a variety of shapes that are carefully laid by hand. Thanks to the endless arrangements of wooden colouring and boards available, this pattern gives you the chance to enjoy stunning wooden flooring that is truly unique to your home.

No matter what type of parquet flooring pattern you choose for your home, it’s always best to get the professionals in to make sure your floorboards are perfectly maintained. Experts in fitting, restoring and polishing wooden flooring, our team is there to help you achieve a stunning finish that you can enjoy for years to come. Get in touch with Quicksand Flooring today to give your interiors a new lease of life.